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We will help you design and setup your website. You worry about your business, let us manage the tough stuff like infrastructure, performance and security.

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* .com, .co.za, .org, .org.za, .biz, .net – dependant on availability
** Fair Usage Policy applies

GoLeap Websites Include:

Modern Content Management System (CMS)

Created with respected WordPress software

Quick and easy drag-and-drop website builder

Search engine optimisation (SEO) capability

Form builder with confirmations and notifications

Stable global content delivery network (CDN)

State-of-the-art hosting and infrastructure

Up-to-date security and website monitoring

Efficient domain registration & management*

No traffic and bandwidth limits**

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How can I describe GoLeap to my business partners?

GoLeap is an affordable create-your-own-website solution for startups or small businesses.

How much will GoLeap cost me?

GoLeap is R500* per month (excluding add-ons).

What does GoLeap include?

GoLeap includes domain management, hosting, infrastructure, security, CMS and CDN.

What does GoLeap exclude?

GoLeap excludes website establishment basics, content uploads, web design, training and logo design.

What if I want my website to be an online store?

You can get the GoLeap Ecommerce add-on to setup an online store.

What if I do not have the time to do all the groundwork?

You can get the GoLeap Assisted Startup add-on for a once-off fee of R4000*.

What if I do not have a logo for my website?

You can get the GoLeap Logo Design add-on for a once-off fee of R2500*.

How will GoLeap benefit my business?

GoLeap will get your startup or small business online quickly, which will enable people to search and find your business, and therefore increase brand awareness and sales.

How will GoLeap save me money?

GoLeap will save you money because it involves a lot of do-it-yourself to reduce costs.

What do I do if there are any issues on my GoLeap website?

You can call us on +27 11 465 7490 or email [email protected] and we will troubleshoot any issues within one business day. We endeavour to solve urgent problems as soon as possible.

* All prices include VAT