Digitally manage your fitness facility


FitPress is a purpose-built web solution to help fitness facilities digitally manage and market themselves. The easy-to-use software is built to provide you with the ability to effortlessly control the facility’s web presence, whilst Leaps + Bounds manages the infrastructure, performance and security.


  • Modern content management system (CMS)
  • Created with respected WordPress software
  • Quick and easy drag-and-drop website builder
  • Simple membership management
  • Straightforward class and session booking platform and calendar
  • Seamless member invoicing process
  • Linked workout blog
  • Recurring payments with PayFast (PayPal and Stripe coming soon)
  • Stable global content delivery network (CDN)
  • State-of-the-art hosting and infrastructure
  • Up-to-date security and website monitoring
  • 250 members included

Coming Soon:

Member CRM

Landing pages

Email communication / notifications

SMS communication / notifications

FitPress App

White-label App

With FitPress you can digitally manage your fitness facility for only R1500* per month (R2500 once-off setup)**!

* All prices include VAT | **One fitness facility – contact us for bulk discounting information



How will FitPress benefit my members?

Fitpress will provide members with an effective platform to get the information they need, efficiently book classes / sessions / courts and easily manage membership payments.

How does FitPress manage bookings?

The specially developed Fitpress software integrates a straightforward class and session booking platform and calendar, which enables members to efficiently book classes / sessions / courts.

What does FitPress include?

GoLeap includes domain management, hosting, infrastructure, security, CMS, CDN, blog page, booking platform and calendar for up to 250 members.

What does FitPress exclude?

FitPress currently excludes member CRM, landing pages, email and SMS communication / notifications, app versions and PayPal and Stripe payments.

How much will FitPress cost me?

There is a once-off set-up cost of R2500* (for one fitness facility, including VAT) and R1500* per month management fee.

How will FitPress save me money?

FitPress involves a lot of do-it-yourself which does reduce costs.

What do I there are any issues on my FitPress website?

You can call us on +27 11 465 7490 or email [email protected] and we will troubleshoot any issues within one business day. We endeavour to solve urgent problems as soon as possible.